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19 April 2012 @ 05:35 pm
Another BT-verse ficlet for fanfic100, Rated M  
022. Enemies
The trap reminds him he has a job to do -- and that if he does it well he can savor her suffering in his victory. Not that he boasts just then -- she withstood more pressure than most witches he has killed. But he did kill them all, in the end. The Charmed Ones though, he will make suffer especially, before their deaths. He had told Klea before he left of his desire to force the eldest, the one seen in the Underworld as being cold as a fish to the touch, to her knees, and then forcing his way into her mouth. He adds to the image after the trap, but then dismisses it in the wake of Andras’ almost successful effort.
When he first sees her in the Underworld, his head full of the Source’s plan and his humanity ebbing away by the minute, the image reasserts itself as a pure sick, twisted demonic thrill -- Prue on her knees before him in the foyer of the Manor, Piper and Phoebe held back and forced to watch by Brotherhood goons holding athames to their throats, Leo dead by the arrow of a recruited darklighter. He had wanted her to know in the marrow of her bones that evil was more powerful than she was, that not only could she not protect her sisters, but that her last sight of them would be their anguish at her forced betrayal. He wanted to lean down as she serviced him, look her in the eye and whisper, “How does it feel to have been right all along?”
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