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I always knew they were different...

The tiny bumps on (mainly) the underside of my upper left arm? There's a term for them, I discovered today, and it isn't "acne". Instead, Western medicine calls the condition "keratosis pilaris". Funny, I always thought of the things as "Braille bumps", because that's about how big mine are, and since they're on the outer part of my arm, I'm feeling them more often than I'm looking at them. But anyway, guess what else? This condition is genetic, a result of excess keratin production, which builds up and entraps the hair follicle in the little bumps. According to Wikipedia, "KP is prevalent in those who ... descend from Celtic backgrounds." That would be yours truly, all right.

Treatment would be scrubbing the area with a loofa and lotions with alpha hydroxy acid. It takes months to years for this to clear up.
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