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BindingTies verse fic Rated T+/M, Prue/Cole. I own nothing

for fanfic100.

014. Green
It is inexplicable, and therefore frustrating beyond belief, but he envies that dead near-sainted mortal for the hold he has on a part of Prue Cole himself has only ever had the vaguest notion of. Some irrational part of him, no more evil but less disciplined than the rest, has thoughts of tracking down the man’s grave once they re-surface and working the most sadistic dark magic on it. Even leaving a note, “Your soulmate chose to marry a demon! Enjoy the afterlife!” would assuage some of this childish jealousy. And of course the root of it is that he wants to possess the side of Prue this man knew and loved deeply. He wants to know what she was like at fifteen, at ten, at five. He wants, oh, how he covets the knowledge of the night she lost her virginity to that mortal. He can’t break her, otherwise. He can’t enter her and drown her from the inside out.
Tags: binding ties, charmed fanfic

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